5' 8"

How much do you exercise?

How much do you drink?

How much do you smoke?


45, Female, Straight
New York, NY

How about we… get our palms read, and find out if a second date is in our future.


How about we… get in touch with our inner manly man; I'll get all dolled up, and we'll break some balls at 128 Billiards, get our burlesque on at Duane Park, then enjoy a stogie at Circa Tabac.


How about we… rendez-vous at BAM for Jean Renoir's 'The Rules of the Game,' then aller se promener to Bacchus for a Chardonnay and creme brulee...?

About RonnieDale

An awesome place I've visited

Alcatraz. (A third grade field trip.) The Mayan ruins at Chichin Itza.

My perfect sunday

Brunch, naturally. (In bed or out.) Strong coffee. The Times. Something outdoors - a walk? A bike ride?

The movie I've watched the most times

Elf. (It's my "It's a Wonderful Life.") And anything Woody Allen.

My life history in 5 sentences or fewer

Born in Houston, raised in San Francisco, boarding school in Connecticut, undergraduate in Dallas, actress, editor, moved to a ranch in Hill Country, got Master's, became an elementary school teacher. Moved to New York City seven months ago. Here I Am.

My first concert / My dream concert

First: Sonny & Cher. Dream: Eric Clapton (Really dreaming? Chet Baker, Scott Joplin or Janis Joplin.)

Obscure knowledge I possess

A amateur entomologist and etymologist, I know some fun facts about bugs and words.

I have a weakness for Guys/Girls who

...make me laugh. ...cook, and dig my cooking. ...smell yummy. ...think my silliness is adorable.

For me, a first date no-no is

Walking the High Line.

A story you should remind me to tell you on our first date

How I almost burned Spago's down.

I secretly want to be


I want to be with someone who wants to be


An infatuation of mine

70% cacao dark chocolate, Gregory Peck, Karmen Ghias, Hawaii

If I won the lottery and quit my job, I would

Donate. Travel.

One thing my mother would want you to know about me

I'm the bravest person she knows.

I want to come home to

Peace. (Because there's enough drama in the the world.)

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